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Our hero comes back?

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 4, 2012, 2:06 AM

:below: Posted on Fev 10, 2013 :below:

Long time no see! The next info about this has come. Unfortunately, it'll be not FMA but Gin no Saji. ^^; It'll be out on February 13 on Shonen Sunday. Takahashi-san also joins this, and she seems to draw Inuyasha. Her story will be before Arakawa-san.

By the way, it seems that Gin no Saji will become an anime! But still the details aren't out. Please wait for a while.

:below: Posted on Nov 4, 2012 :below:

Hello, everyone! Sorry I don't draw anything for a few months. :X It never means I got tired of FMA! My love for FMA never ends! :XD: Many things happen in Japan, then I'm keeping my mind on those matters...."ACTA" is included in them. But sometimes I like to draw Edward. :eager: So I'll do it if I feel like that!

Well, it's the information about "anthology manga" to support the restoration from the Great Earthquake in East Japan. Arakawa-san will join this project. Takahashi-san seems to join it, too. The subject of this anthology is "Heroes come back"...HEROES come back...HERO?! Edward Elric?! :woohoo: But unfortunately, the details aren't clear so far. I'll let you know as soon as I know. So wait for a while! :D

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The last cover

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 13, 2012, 11:30 AM

Well, ACTA bothers me, but I change the mood and go ahead! :mwahaha:

This is the last cover! Volume 18.…

Long time no see, Edward! :woohoo:

I guess Al (human form) or Winry are on the back cover!

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Farewell, fanart

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 6, 2012, 1:07 AM
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I think many people will know "ACTA". But still many Japanese people don't know about it. Under such a situation, today, a few hours ago, foolish government and the ruling parties forcedly got ACTA passed with ignoring a lot of adverse opinion. Of course, Japanese internet users know ACTA and massive demonstration at EU, and we were continuing to mount a protest. But, in Japan, broadcast stations don't report about this because they go to bed with current government, as a result, many Japanese people even haven't heard the name ACTA!!!

Actually, the opposition camp's submission of the censure motion against current Premier already passed, but this government continues to ignore the result. I'm really ashamed that the government is such a ragtag crowd...I want to believe that a country that decides to pass such a ridiculous agreement is only Japan, but if I think of the worst case, ACTA will take effect and Japanese fanart will disappear from the Internet. It can be said about Dojinshi, too, because every kind of convention like Comic Market will disappear.

Unfortunately, a snap general election seems not to be done soon (maybe early next year), but the governing party definitely lose because this party has a lot of mistakes on the policy (and we don't make them win). If the different party will win, it's possible to change the policy. ACTA allows "a withdrawal", so we will push toward it.

People in signatory countries,  never make the government get through ACTA!! Never become like Japan.

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Some information

Fri Jul 13, 2012, 7:29 AM
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:below: The cover image of vol 17.…

Sexy! :XD:

:below: The following is the article on late July :below:…

:above: This is the collabo picture drawn for the conversation by Arakawa-san and Takahashi-san I wrote the following.  The magazine that has this conversation will be released today, but I can't buy it so far because it isn't still morning. :XD:

:below: The following is the article on July 14 :below:

TV commercial of "Gin no Saaji" is made by the publisher. It's done with using the actual agricultural high school that is the model of "Ezo-no". (Ezo-no is the abbreviation of "Oezo nogyo kotogakko"). So "the cast" in this commercial is real high school students and farm animals, and the model school is also the alma mater of Arakawa-san.
Actually I have never seen this commercial, but there is the article of total coverage about the making of this commercial on the website.…
:pointr: Japanese language only

Many people can't read the text, but this website has a lot of photos. You will see how far Arakawa-san exactly draws the manga. :D

:below: The following is the article on July 13 :below:

The cover of FMA volume 16 :below:…

The cover of Gin no Saji volume 4 :below:…

And the conversation between Arakawa-san and Takahashi-san (Takahashi Rumiko) will be in the next Shonen Sunday. It'll be out next Wednesday. I buy Shonen Sunday when it has Gin no Saji, but I can't wait to read it! :woohoo:

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A cover image

Journal Entry: Tue May 29, 2012, 8:22 PM
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It's the image of volume 15 that will be released on June 22.…

Hohenheim~! I wonder if Father will be on the back cover...?

:below: The following is the journal on May 30 :below

Title: A question

I have a thing that I haven't known what to do when I submit works to groups.
Do you know how to remove the withdrawing group icon from the recent groups list and how to update the list with the participating group's icon in "Submit to a Group" page? :O_o:
An icon of a certain group I already withdrew is still left in the list. I withdrew that group about 1 or 2 years ago, so it isn't recent at least. On the other hand, a few icons of groups I joined aren't on the list. I guessed that showing of the icons would be reflected by the history of submission and come up on the list, so I went to those groups and submitted pictures several times from "Contribute art" on each group's page, but icons aren't still on the list...I searched FAQ, but my way seems to be bad, I couldn't find the question about this. :stupidme:
The Submit page has also the way that searches by typing the group name, but I'd like to use the group icon list by preference... ^^;
How are you doing when you submit your artwork to groups?

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Cover images

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 2, 2012, 9:23 AM
:bulletblack: Fullmetal Alchemist vol.14 (an exact copy version of color pages) It'll go on sale on May 22.…

GreedLing! :la:

This version has the whole 18 volumes, then the rest covers are only 4. Who is the next?! :woohoo:

:below: The following is the journal on April 3 :below

:bulletwhite: Fullmetal Alchemist vol.13 (an exact copy version of color pages) It'll go on sale on April 21.…

Finally Snow queen has come! :XD:

:bulletwhite: Gin no saji vol.3 It'll go on sale on April 18.…

Pigs look cute! :la:

Well, I wrote about the offer of "visualization of Gin no saji" in the previous journal. There is the article that clearly describes "It's an animation", but there isn't anything more than this info so far.

Personally...I feel like making an animation is totally an extreme haste. The industry itself tends to haste it. FMA was the same, too. Anyway the stock of plot corresponding to only 3 volumes is too little for development of plot with the animation. It's obvious that it's impossible to make an animation without any changes of the plot at this point. Manga fans have been always disappointed at "the bad change" or bored of "delaying measure by anime original story until the story of the original accumulates" due to the lack of plot stock...
I don't think changing the plot itself is wrong or bad. The big problem is the fact that director and scenario writer take the lead in the change of plot and characteristic of characters without understanding subject, theme and atmosphere that the original places the most importance on. The director (or scenario writer) isn't the author, so it's natural the manga and anime are different. But, as long as the origin is the manga, the director (or scenario writer) should make an effort to understand the subject in the original at least. Because they both have the same "title". I think it's a common decency to the author who created the work in this world. I hope the staff will be the people who put priority on the author's thinking if the topic about the animation is true.

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Won two of Grand Prix in a row

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 19, 2012, 12:17 AM
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"Manga Taisho" was announced today evening. "Gin no saji" won a Grand Prix in Manga Taisho as well! I write about "Manga Taisho" in the previous article below. Congratulations again! :typerhappy:

Immediately Arakawa-san commented about this award on the page of Gin no saji in Shonen Sunday official website. :winner:

:bulletred: Translation :below: :bulletred:

Thank you, Manga Taisho.
I am deeply grateful to Bookstores, publication relevant parties that backed up me, client companies, my family, fellow workers, and above all, readers who supported me.


:spotlight-left: AND! Finally we can listen to Arakawa-san's voice! :spotlight-right:
She joined the award ceremony, and she made the acceptance speech. This ceremony was streamed at Ustream, and we can watch it with the recorded live version.
But video shooting of her wasn't allowed, and this video doesn't have the subtitle. Her speech starts from about 28:00.…

Her voice fit in quite accurately with my mental image! :la:

:below:The following is the journal on March 19 :below:

Title: Booklog Grand Prix

"GIn no saji" won the Grand Prix of "Manga category" in "Booklog Grand Prix". Well, what is "Booklog Grand Prix"?
"Booklog" is the large book review community website in Japan. It seems to have 500 thousand members. That is, this Grand Prix is decided by each member's vote, "Gin no saji" garnered the most votes in the manga. Congrats, Arakawa-san! :woohoo:

It's a Japanese language, but Arakawa-san's comment is here.

Actually, Gin no saji is nominated to another award. The title is "Manga Taisho". Taisho means "Grand Prix" in Japanese. This award is mainly decided by votes of shop assistants of book stores, and Grand Prix will be announced at next Friday. :aww:

:bulletred: Well, what she says in that comment is like this :below: :bulletred:

I heard a lot of people voted to my manga. Thank you very very much!!
To be put in your bookshelves for ever, I'll continue to draw manga with getting psyched up in the future as well!

I love a bookshelf full of many books, so, on this occasion, I'll look at your booklogs full of love while grinning, and I'd like to continue to meet new books, too.

Thank you very much for Booklog Grand Prix!


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3. 11

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 10, 2012, 8:06 PM

Today in last year, we shed many tears.
It's an early afternoon on March 11 in Japan time now. 1 year went by from the Great East Japan Earthquake. The memorial ceremonies will be held at not just the affected areas but various regions. Huge earthquakes repeatedly occurred on the afternoon of March 11 last year, and tsunamis attacked like the first wave, second wave, third wave...we pray for the repose of victim's soul.

I live in neighboring prefecture of Tokyo, but I remember quakes were very strong, and comparable quakes were attacking a few times in definitely over a long time for normal earthquakes, so I felt "I'm accustomed to earthquakes, but this quake is seriously risky. Finally it has come". Japan is "an earthquake country", so most of Japanese are rarely surprised at earthquakes. Also it has been said for a long time that huge epicentral earthquake will attack around Tokyo, then I thought finally the time has come because those quakes were definitely different from usual earthquakes. But, my guess was wrong. When I knew the earthquake center wasn't around Tokyo, I felt a shiver going down my back. It isn't around Tokyo even though the quakes were incredibly strong and repeated many times!? Then where is it!? Those areas are okay!?
Strong earthquakes occurred 3 times during about an hour and I was out when those attacked, so I couldn't know the exact information. As soon as I came back to home, I turned on TV and accessed the internet...then I knew the miserable state of Tohoku area.
And I was surprised when I saw my INBOX on deviantART. Many people left comments and notes that worried about me! I was overwhelmed with gratitude, and thought I'm a lucky person to get a lot of kindness.

I'm grateful for sharing the sadness, giving heartwarming kind words, praying for safety, donating your money, making a lot of videos and pictures to cheer Japan up. We Japanese can't thank you all enough. Still we have a mountain of issues, for example, nuclear plants. But we absolutely achieve the restoration, and would like to return the courtesy for you all.

God bless you all, God bless your family and God bless your country.
Thank you very much.

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The Cover image of volume. 12

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 9, 2012, 7:55 AM…

The wait is over! :XD: And there are still remaining characters...that guy, that woman, that old man...who will come next her? :woohoo:

:below:The following is the journal on February 10 :below:

Title: About Milos (No spoiler)

DVD/BD was released on Feb 8 in Japan. But I got it Feb 7 depending on the timing of delivery, and I finished watching almost all extra videos. :woohoo: The limited version has 3 kinds of audio commentaries (Cast version, Image version and Sound version) as the bonus, and I watched one commentary per a day. A producer of disks (ANIPLEX) is one of members in sound version, and he mentioned "I'd still like to do something about FMA" to the question from Iwashiro-san who created its soundtrack. I think it's too early to say about it clearly whether the continuation might be already decided or not, and it'll be definitely wishful thinking at the present moment...But I'd also like to expect to be made something new about FMA. :eager:
The outset of this movie project was the desire of 3 producers (Square-Enix, Bones and Aniplex) "We miss seeing FMA. We still want to see the journey of Ed and Al". They seem to be called as "older men who are easily succumbs to loneliness", and they also seem to like the nickname. :XD: As I recall Miki-san (Mustang's voice) said it as a joke at the first time in public, though, someone might say before then. :giggle:

Anyway the bonus is luxury! :la:

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The cover image of vol.11

Tue Jan 24, 2012, 9:47 AM…

Kimblee~~~~! :XD:

:below:The following is the journal on January 27 :below:

Title: Arakawa-san's petit side job

Accidentally I found her new manga. :D……

It's a 4 koma manga of "The Chronicle of the Three Kingdoms". There are 2 volumes (Part 1 & 2), and they will be released on the same day.  And not surprisingly, there is the description that it's a gag strip. :lmao:

And the another topic.
There is "Manga award" that started since 2008 in Japan. As the first selection, the vote by book store clerks is done, and 15 titles are nominated. Actually "Gin no Saji" is included in them! The next becomes the final selection, all members of selection read the whole nominated works again and vote, and the prizewinner is decided. It's planned to be published on March 23 and to be held award ceremony at the same time. :D

:below:The following is the journal on January 25 :below:

Title: Ed figure that can be manipulated at will

Usually I'm not interested in figures even if it's FMA-related stuff, but this is so curious! :below:…

This figure can be moved joints freely, so it's so useful to check the pose or angle when I draw. :wow:
This can't be said a reasonable price, but I almost fall in love with this figure as a reference of drawing! But it would be perfect if it has the whole parts of automail (right arm and left leg) with an another outfit that is visible both automails... :eager:

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Ed, long time no see

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 27, 2011, 8:52 AM
Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me…

It's the  image of "jacket picture pin-up" of "Fullmetal Alchemist THE BEST". You can see bigger image if you click the picture. I don't know "jacket picture pin-up" means only picture of sleeve or this CD also has some sort of paper of this picture like a mini poster so far.

And I'm glad Ed looks cool as usual. :D Maybe Arakawa-san would draw his six-pack for the first time in ages. :XD:

:below:The following is the journal on January 5 :below:

Title: New images

The cover image of vol. 10 (complete reproduct edition) is published on the official website of Square-Enix. I laughed as soon as I checked this image. :XD: You will understand what I'm saying if you check it out. :lmao:…

And about "Gin no Saji", you can download its new wallpaper now.

Please click the correct size of your computer.

:below:The following is the journal on January 2 :below:

Title: The image of storage box

Finally the storage box of Milos DVD/BD drawn by Arakawa-san was published in! You can see it by clicking the image, but it's the one of whole items of bonus in the limited edition, so it's slightly small, then it's hard to see in detail. ^^;…

:below:The following is the journal on December 28 :below:

Title: The cover images

These are the images of two Milos-related books! I can't wait to get them. :giggle

:bulletgreen: Milos' "Key animation pictures book".…

:bulletgreen: Milos' "Memoial fan book".…

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New release

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 13, 2011, 2:00 AM
The DVD/BD jacket image of Milos is on display on the official website! :hooray:

There are detailed descriptions about the disk on the page.

:bulletred: Audio commentary has three kinds.

:bulletblue: Cast version :pointr: Paku-san, Kugimiya-san, Sakamoto-san and Murata -san (The director of Milos)
:bulletblue: Acoustic version :pointr: Iwashiro-san, Mima-san and Murata-san / Kurosu-san (A facilitator)
:bulletblue: Drawing pictures and production version :pointr: Konishi-san (The character designer), Natsume-san,  
Oshiyama-san, Nagano-san, and Murata-san / Miya-san (A facilitator)

:bulletred: Bonus videos are the whole trailers and the videos for web, but there is the footage of field site that is about 1 hour long.

:bulletred: It has a booklet, and the booklet has three talks. They are Arakawa-san and Murata-san, Iwashiro-san (Soundtrack artist) and Murata-san, and Shinpo-san (Scenario writer) and Murata-san.

Personally audio commentaries and talks sound gorgeous! And I'm looking forward to watching the footage of field site and the storage box for the disk drawn by Arakawa-san. I can't wait! :woohoo:

:below:The following is the journal on December 2 :below:

Title: New release

:bulletblue: Addition 12/2 :bulletblue:

The image of FMA volume.9 (unabridged version)…


Arakawa-san has a serialization called "Hyakusho kizoku" besides "Gin no saji". It's like her autobiography that is drawn her experiences in her childhood and included knowledge of livestock industry or agriculture. Now there is only volume 1, but volume 2 will be released next February 24.…

And "Gin no saji" volume 2 will be released on 15th next month. It was found that cumulative copies will be more than a million copies in print at the instant of first printing in next volume. She really does an excellent job with her talent! :nod:

:below:The following is the journal on November 13 :below:

Title: FMA compilation album

It was found that FMA compilation album will be released on February 29 in Japan. This album includes the whole theme songs of FMA (the first version (and its movie), Brotherhood (and its game for Wii) and Milos), and "the first limited edition" of this album has the picture for the sleeve drawn by Arakawa-san. I'm looking forward to seeing the image! :hooray:

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Milos talk show

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 26, 2011, 10:45 AM
The university festival called "Waseda Sai" was held at Waseda university on Nov. 5 and 6 (It's already midnight on Nov.7 today in Japan).
One of the events was a talk show about Milos by Milos' character designer, Konishi-san, and two staff members, and it was held yesterday afternoon. This seems to have been developed in form of talking with watching some scenes of Milos. :wow:
In this show, it was announced Milos' key animation art book and fan book will be released next January! :la: Probably FMA related books have never been released early every month, and in case of comics, Square-Enix regularly releases most of them on the 22nd of every month (and some kinds of comics seem to be released a few day later from 22nd), but those two books aren't the comic, so I expect they will be released around weekend after 22nd and on the nearest day to Milos DVD/Blu-ray sale date in January. :D

:below:The following is the journal on November 1st :below:

Title:The cover image of Vol.8…

This volume is Scar!
Umm, when will Winry or Ling appear? :? Anyway I'm looking forward to seeing the next volume! :D

:below:The following is the journal on October 27th :below:

Title:Two kinds of special drawings

I have ever described about the tie-up between Epson (Japanese company of scanner, printer and whatnot) and Milos in previous journal, there were some unreleased items. But recently they are released. They are "New Year's greeting cards" and "Door tags".

:bulletred: New Year's greeting cards…

:bulletred: Door tags…

Note: New Year's greeting cards are for only Epson membership "MyEpson".

:below:The following is the journal on October 25th :below:

Title:Some petit info

Silver spoon vol.2 will be released on Dec. 12.
There is pre-order page in Amazon Japan, but there isn't the image of cover yet.

Also, an audio commentary for the bonus of Milos DVD/Blu-ray seems to have been recorded. It's from a tweet of Kameda-san who is the animator of Brotherhood and took charge of Milos as well. He is one of key animators and draws so dynamic and active pictures. I bet it will ring the bell if I say the scenes he worked with in Brotherhood are "the battles of Mustang vs Lust, Mustang vs Envy and Ed vs Flask". :D

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I made some icons

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 16, 2011, 11:01 PM
Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

I was asked a question about cropping Ed's face from this Dandies by amber1003 and using it as an icon image. :wow:

As you know, basically I forbid the use of my works, but I made some images from this work myself toward people including this person for the use of only deviantART icon. They're 5 kinds, Ed, Al, Mustang, Ling and all four guys and are put on "" that is the new feature that was just released from dA. If you don't know URL but want to use the images, please ask me. :D

:bulletred: I have a favor to ask people who already downloaded them :bulletred:

Please don't tell others URL without my permission.
And please use them only as deviantART icon.
I forbid the use of them outside deviantART.

Also I'm sorry but I resubmitted Ed's icon because there are a few people downloaded it before this update. Please understand that URL was changed.
I'm not going to publish them at the moment. ^^;

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Commercial film of Milos

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 26, 2011, 11:37 AM

Commercial film of Milos is streaming on Milos' official website now. It automatically starts streaming if you open the front page.

:below:The following is the journal on afternoon of October 4th :below:

Title: The image of vol.7…

:below:The following is the journal on afternoon of October 2nd :below:

Title: DVD/BD of Milos

DVD/BD of Milos will be released on February 8 next year in Japan! Of course, I already pre-ordered it online. :XD:…

:film: The content :teevee:

:bulletred: Bonus videos (Making of the movie and trailers and some videos on the official website)
:bulletred: Special storage box drawn by Arakawa Hiromu
:bulletred: Digi case drawn by Konishi Kenichi
:bulletred: Audio commentary
:bulletred: Special booklet
:bulletred: Raw film of the movie

Wow, tomorrow is the anniversary of "Don't forget"! :D

:below:The following is the journal on afternoon of September 27th :below:

Title: FMA stationery

There is the company called "EPSON" in Japan and it makes and sales printers, cameras, scanners and whatnot.
This company arranges tie-ups with Milos (Brotherhood), then there is a special content in the official website. They are some stationeries with FMA images, then you can make them by printing out.…

This tie-up will be until January 20th next year, and it doesn't work except Internet Explorer. Also there are some things for only membership of EPSON (MyEPSON) and it's the parts with red background at the bottom. So note that case matters. Finally, it's only Japanese language as usual. ^^;

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journal skin by sempiternia
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It's this

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 8, 2011, 6:55 PM
Do you remember I said I saw the photo of job well done party of Milos and Arakawa-san was also there?
I saw it at so-called "uploarder", then that image was automatically deleted a few days later. But it was found that this photo was originally uploaded by Paku-san for her official blog.…

One of women who is in the left side of center of the front row in the crowd is Arakawa-san. The other woman who is right is Paku-san. Maybe the man who is next to Arakawa-san is the director, Murata-san, and the man who is next to Paku-san is Konishi-san who is the character designer. :aww:

:below:The following is the journal on afternoon of September 15th :below:

Title: Congrats?

Arakawa-san updated the column "Manga-ka BACKSTAGE" that is on Shonen Sunday official website, and she mentions about her delivery.…
It was probably written before a delivery, then she says like "I wonder if I'll already give birth when this issue (This issue means the one I wrote before this update on 9/9) is released" in this column. So, it's pretty certain that her second child is already born! I'll try saying :XD: "Congrats!" :squee:

And currently she is drawing the essay of farming by manga "Hyakusho kizoku" as well. It's serialized and released every other month  on the magazine called "Wings", and it started since she was drawing FMA.…
I don't buy this magazine, but I buy the comics although unfortunately there is still only volume 1. According to people who usually buy this magazine, her husband and son seems to have been drawn on this manga, but they seems not to look like "cow". :XD: Actually, only Arakawa family (father, mother and siblings) are drawn as cow in Hyakusho kizoku. :lmao:
Anyway I can't wait the release of volume 2!!

:below:The following is the journal on afternoon of September 9th :below:

Title: Absolutely my guess

Currently Arakawa-san is drawing "Gin no Saji (Silver spoon)" in Shonen Sunday, you know. Wednesday of this week, Shonen Sunday this week's issue was released and there is Gin no Saji as usual. In the last page, the announcement was written; Gin no Saji doesn't appear while about a month. A month...I thought.
Arakawa-san attended the preview of Milos in late June. I saw the image that seems to be the photo of "job well done" party after that preview on the internet, then she was already large with child and it seems to be near to nine months. If she already gave birth to her second child, it's possible to be around after the middle of August with guessing from her belly size. And the break of Gin no Saji was announced in the early September. It's said it takes about a month until becoming doing well after one's confinement. Just maybe...?!

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Image updated

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 15, 2011, 4:51 AM
Gallery l Watch Me l Note Me

Fullmetal Alchemist unabridged edition vol.6…

:below:The following is the journal on afternoon of August 18th :below:

Fullmetal Alchemist unabridged edition vol.5…

And it's the article about a purchase bonus of unabridged editions vol.1~6 from the anime-goods store named "Animate".…

This image is the picture of storage box for those mangas that is the purchase bonus.

:below:The following is the journal on afternoon of July 16th :below:

Title: The cheerful progress

It was found that Milos is the movie with the highest box office per 1 screen for two consecutive weeks. Congrats! FMA, the staff and casts! Arakawa-san also seems to have enjoyed the movie, that's great. :clap: And I contributed a humble cooperation because I already go to the theatre four times. :giggle: But I want to watch the movie another a few times at least because I want to enjoy FMA movie with "a large screen and big sound". :XD:

By the way, there was the information about the screen in overseas in this news article.

A preview will be planned at "OTAKON" that will be the biggest anime convention around US east coast and held at Baltimore from July 29th. The director, Murata-san, will be invited to the preview. And the movie will be screened all over the US next spring.
In Hong Kong, the advance ticket will be sold at "ACG HK" that will be hold from July 29th, and the movie will be screened in 8 theatres in November. In Singapore, it'll be from August 26th, and in Taiwan, it'll be in autumn.

:film: Addition: Now the newer special video of the movie is delivered on the official website. You can watch it with clicking the light brown banner around the bottom-left.

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How long will the tie-up last?

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 4, 2011, 10:03 PM

This is a little old information, but two kinds of electric guitars "with FMA version" will be launched in February next year, and accept orders now.

You can see their specs or appearances by clicking buttons.

Both Ed and Mustang are busy as well besides their main previous fragrances. :XD:

:below:The following is the journal on afternoon of July 7th :below:

Title: Some cover images

Fullmetal Alchemist Chronicle…

Fullmetal Alchemist unabridged edition vol.3…

Fullmetal Alchemist unabridged edition vol.4…

:below:The following is the journal on afternoon of July 5th :below:

Title: Milos goes overseas

Already I watched the movie twice. :XD: Honestly, I think the story has love-it-or-hate-it factors. As for me, I simply enjoyed as the special bonus from the official people because I thought I couldn't see FMA anymore. Nevertheless, I don't disagree that the movie's plot has the situation that I can't help but shake my head in some scenes. I think it relies on people who watched...well, it'll be what can be said about every works though whether it's a movie or not. ^^; Yeah, maybe you won't be able to enjoy the movie if you mind about the detail all of the time. ^^;

Well, it was found that Milos will be screened in US and Asia area (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore and Thai), but unfortunately I don't know about in which cities the movie will be screened. And the movie seems to have been screened in Japan Expo in France.

This is one of omakes under the cover of 11.5. :XD:

This is one of omakes in vol.11.5. XD on Twitpic

And I bought a movie booklet, and there are some scenes of Milos drawn by Arakawa-san. :D It's one of them.

There are some scenes of Milos drawn by Arakawa-san in the mo... on Twitpic

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FMA official music video for GOOD LUCK MY WAY

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 1, 2011, 8:47 AM…

TThis is the music video of the purchase bonus DVD of CD "GOOD LUCK MY WAY". The video was streamed for the first time in the internet special program of L'arc~en~Ciel, on Monday this week. CD itself was just released on Wednesday this week.

Finally, today (it's July 2nd in Japan time), the release date has come! :boogie:

:below:The following is the journal on afternoon of June 26th :below:

Title: Countdown

Finally the movie starts counted down! Another 6 days. :woohoo:
You can watch the edited video on the upper right on the front page of official website.

And you can watch one of the introduction video of Mr. Mustang here.
It isn't started delivering on the official website so far. This is the website of cell phone, and it has the portal page. On this website, the movie is featured. :aww:
The title is "Tell me! Mr. Mustang -force version-".…

Incidentally, the video that is on the official website now is history version. I heard the rest one version (culture version) is also delivered at the another cell phone website, but it seems the website for cell phone and only the customers will be able to watch it. ^^;
Anyway those two videos will be updated on the official website before very long.

:below:The following is the journal on afternoon of June 23rd :below:

Title: Eatable FMA…

These photos are foods and drinks in FMA fair that is held at "Nanja town" for the advertisement of the movie in session. There are laughable fo the food that makes us feel sorry to eatod or...Shao May etc. Laughable one? It'll be this. :XD: :pointr:…

And I bought unabridged version 1 and 2 yesterday! I could get them~! :giggle:

I got them~! on Twitpic

Also the cover of volume 3 is Mustang, volume 4 is Hawkeye. Ed says in TV commercial of this. :XD:…

:below:The following is the journal on afternoon of June 18th :below:

Title: The purchase bonus of FMA unabridged version

The special post cards are added for customers who buy unabridged version.

:bulletpink: JBOOK…

:bulletpink: Yurindo…

:bulletpink: Futaba tosho…

JBOOK is Homunculi, Yurindo is resembool and Xing (vol.1) and Amestris army (vol.2) and Futaba tosho is muscle old men (and muscular wife). :XD:
I laughed so hard when I found Kimblee in muscle old men for some reason and his face is hidden by a letter of the ad. I want to see what kind of expression he wears in this group. :giggle: And I felt it's rare Scar's face is visible because Arakawa-san often avoids drawing his face on purpose. :D

These are all the bonus of vol 1 and 2, so people who want all of them must buy the same versions for a few times in another stores...!!! How cruel!! Those are more expensive than normal mangas. :X The nearest store from my home is a branch of Yurindo although it takes more than 30 minutes. ^^; So I'll be barely able to get two cards. :phew:

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OP theme song

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 15, 2011, 10:01 AM

This is a trial listening of OP theme song of the movie "Chasing hearts".…

This song seems to be opened yesterday on the radio program of miwa, but unfortunately there is still no full-length version anywhere. I'll link there as soon as I find.

:below:The following is the journal on afternoon of June 13th :below:

Title: Lots and videos

This link is the prizes of the second "Ichiban kuji" that will be started in early July.

A award is a savings box of Al's armor head form, and it's written "you can't wear it". :lmao: Hm, honestly...I wouldn't need it. :XD: I think some people will remember that Ichiban kuji is lots that have a cost 500 yen, and customers can get prizes by buying lots that are written the kinds of prizes. Personally, I want D prize. :D And G and H prizes look so cute.  Winry seems to wear the last episode's outfit that she saw Ed off.  :aww:

And this link is the one of pages in the movie's official website.…

This is the interpretation about the movie's background or setting, and Mustang explains about it as "an instructor". The title is "Tell me, Mr. Roy". :XD: The first one was delivered with the talk show in the internet last month. Apparently there are 2 more versions and they'll be updated later. And I think you can notice one of thumbnail on the far right looks a little different from other 3. This is the short video of Elric brothers that was made for the another use application, so the look is slightly different. This video isn't still available for inspection on the official website, but it's possible to watch here.…

All videos reminds me of 4 koma theatre in Brotherhood DVDs. :lmao:

:below:The following is the journal on afternoon of June 10th :below:

Title: Prototype etc

:bulletwhite:The new screen saver from Gangan official website. :pointr:…

This screen saver has "a countdown" until the movie.

:bulletwhite:The cover of FMA prototype :pointr:…

There is the small image of vol.11.5 on the top of the whole image.

:bulletwhite: Those are the stuff called "machi chara" that is available at only cell phone of "NTT docomo" that is one of cell -phone companies in Japan. I don't use this company's cell phone, so I hardly know about "machi chara". Those look cute! :below:………

About machi chara of Ed and Al, I think Ed is the same as this picture although it seems to be recolored. :XD: :pointr:…
This is a gadget's picture that is put on Brotherhood official website.

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